It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Marketing equipment online, where many of the buyers will bid without inspecting it in person, it is crucial to provide good quality pictures. This will greatly increases your bidding activity and will likely increase the final bid price. Here are a few tips to getting some good pictures.

Exterior Photos

Be sure to get pictures from all four corners showing two sides of the vehicle with one shot. Detailed shots will enhance bidder confidence as long as the pictures don’t become repetitive. Also, be sure to take pictures of optional equipment such as fog lights, winches, hitches, attachments, and other equipment that may add value.

Note: Try to get the entire vehicle in the frame. Showing partial pictures only raises curiosity of a bidder as to what is not shown in the picture.

Condition or Damage Photos

Check the condition of the vehicle and photograph any damage that may effect the sale of the vehicle. It is easier to disclose this information now rather than dealing with an uninformed buyer after the auction has ended.

Be sure to check for dents, rust, tire condition, truck bed or box interior.

Interior Photos

Be sure to take pictures of the vehicle details so the buyer has a better understanding of what’s inside. Be sure to get pictures of the dashboard, seats, transmission, 4x4 (if applicable) A/C, Stereo, and any other pertinent information. Lighting is important for interior photos as shadows and poor lighting can make them difficult to see online.

Engine Photos

Potential bidders always want to see the engine and its condition. If possible, show a close up of the engine model number and horsepower shown on the data plate.

Odometer and VIN Photos

Be sure to provide a close up of the VIN plate and the Odometer. Clarity is the most important aspect when taking close up photos so make sure the camera is completely still before taking the photo. Some cameras have custom settings for taking close-ups.

When an item is sold “as-is, where is” in an online auction buyers will bid based solely upon the information and pictures provided by the item's seller. For this reason, it is important that all equipment be accurately represented. A good explanation of any damage or significant wear will actually improve bidding activity because it increases buyer confidence.

AssetNation recommends at least 8 to 12 pictures to adequately and accurately represent any item. Some items may need more, some items may need fewer. But in general when listing an item you should have... 

A picture of:

  • Each side of an item (front, back, left side, right side) 
  • Each corner of an item (taken at a 45 degree angle)  
  • Each of the accessible internal components (motor, transmission, etc.)  
  • Each VIN or Serial Number plate (some equipment may have more than one)  
  • The odometer and/or hour meter (some equipment may have more than one)  
  • The inside of the cab or inside of the trailer (if applicable)  
  • Each attachment or accessory included in the sale  
  • Any notable damage or wear on the unit

Good examples:

1993 John Deere 9600 Combine listed on AssetAuctions

2007 Manitowoc Lattice Boom Crawler Crane (Damaged) listed on SalvageSale

2002 Mack MR688-S 47 Meter Concrete Pump Truck listed on AssetAuctions